Five Solo Shows

Aramis Gutierrez
Glexis Novoa
Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova
Frances Trombly
Wendy Wischer

December 1, 2008 - February 7, 2009



Concurrently with our participation at Art Basel Miami Beach, David Castillo Gallery opens two exhibitions. In the main gallery, David Castillo presents new work by gallery artists Aramis Gutierrez, Glexis Novoa, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, Frances Trombly, and Wendy Wischer in Five Solo Shows.


For over a decade, Wendy Wischer has camped at the intersection of solaced nature and societal technology, creating introspective works in sound, light, and sculpture. Wischer’s work, concerned with how a single set of principles can be found throughout the universe, becomes both soothing and provocative in our modern time of despair.  Glexis Novoa renders cityscapes and their instruments of conflict like peering into a curio cabinet and coming face-to-horizon with societal apocalypse in miniature. His graphite drawings on marble are almost voyeuristic in their detail.


Aramis Gutierrez’s oil paintings unload personal and historic conflict on an epic scale. His storytelling equates sun blisters and love pains, labyrinthine woods and Evolutionary Psychology. Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova challenges the absoluteness of stories associated with our utilization and memory of everyday objects. Frances Trombly also retells stories of domesticity in a voice laced with feminist awareness. Trombly employs traditionally effeminate techniques to turn new scrutiny upon daily life.