Yet nightly pitch my moving tent

Gustavo Roman

January 9, 2010 - February 6, 2010



In the main gallery, Gustavo Roman explores the psychological and physical correlation of sexuality.  In Yet Nightly Pitch My Moving Tent, through unequivocal implication of the male form, the artist exaggerates sensuality to the point of undermining manliness.  White bedspreads emerge from the darkness and float on a black background as a spectral appearance awakens underneath, pitching a “tent”.  The small scale of the drawings forces the viewer to become intimate with Roman’s drawings and their suggestion.


Gustavo Roman was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1974 and currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.  He received a Bachelor of Humanities from the University of Puerto Rico in 1999, and a Masters of Fine Arts from Florida International University in 2007.