Wendy Wischer

March 8, 2008 - April 5, 2008



David Castillo Gallery is proud to present its second solo exhibition by Wendy Wischer. N-S-E-W is an installation which focuses its attention to the four cardinal directions as well as below and the formless center. Continuing to work, as she has for over a decade, with the multi-layered concepts associated with the intersection of nature and technology, the artist has transformed the gallery space into the various signs.


As part of the Angels and Ancestors series the artist began in 2006 during her first solo exhibition with the gallery, Angels & Ancestors IX is a tree sculpture mounted horizontally, giving the viewer a bird’s eye view of the tree top. This series is a figurative representation of the exchange of life between man and nature. The artist incorporates sculpture as well as video and sound installations into N-S-E-W. The exhibition is executed entirely in black and white, with the colors representing below and above respectively.


Wendy Wischer recently exhibited at the Freedom Tower in Miami, In Search of Magic, and is a 2008 recipient of the prestigious South Florida Cultural Consortium’s Visual and Media Artists Fellowship. The artist has exhibited throughout the US and abroad, and holds an MFA from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She has recently completed large-scale commissions for public and private buildings around the US and is currently working on the next such project. Wischer is in several public collections, including the Miami Art Museum. She lives and works in Miami.