What Business Has Innocence Here

Christian Curiel

April 14, 2007 - May 5, 2007

In the project room David Castillo is exhibiting a solo show by Christian Curiel, What Business Has Innocence Here. The show and its title take cues from Samuel Beckett’s book Malloy. Curiel’s work explores the construction of one’s identity, evidenced & misrepresented through memory. His non-sequential narratives affectively compel the viewer to project their own experiences into the work. The distorted nature of memory as a faculty of the self is addressed through slight alterations to seemingly benign compositions. Specifically with the paintings in this exhibition, there is a dialogue about going back to certain basic ways of survival, as expressed in the imagery of hunting, a possible metaphor for today’s world. The works deal with adolescent hunters returning from the fight with nature as a rite of passage.


This is Christian Curiel’s first solo exhibition in three years and his first time showing in Miami since he completed his MFA at Yale University in 2005. He recently exhibited with Lehman Maupin Gallery, in a group exhibition Partial Recall. His work is in various collections including La Fondation Cartier pour L’art Contemporain, Paris, the Dean Valentine Collection, Los Angeles, the Hort Family Collection, New York, and the George Lindemann Collection, Miami, among numerous others. His work has been included in the New York Times, The Miami Herald, and Art in America, among other publications.