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María de los Angeles Rodriguez Jímenez: Bater Cabeza
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María de los Angeles Rodriguez Jímenez: Bater Cabeza
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Belkis Ayón
Su Su: Impressions
Vessel and Veil
Quisqueya Henriquez: An Index of Histories
Vaughn Spann: In Search of Solitude
The Floral Impulse
Shinique Smith: STARGAZING
Yesiyu Zhao: Journey to the West
Sign and Substance
Poetics of Place
DC Media: Ricardo E. Zulueta, Networked Gestures v. 2
DC Triangle: George Sánchez-Calderón, After Dürer
Jillian Mayer: CURRENT YEAR
Pepe Mar: You Never Should Have Crossed the Rio Grande
Kalup Linzy: Polaroids
Glexis Novoa: Branch and Seeds
DC Triangle: Emilio Martinez, Of Monsters and Men
DC Media: Kate Gilmore, Top Drawer
Xaviera Simmons: In the dim light pressing deeply against each other
DC Triangle: Yesiyu Zhao, Split
DC Media: Ada M. Patterson, Looking for “Looking for Langston”
Purvis Young: The Painter of Modern Life
DC Window: Glexis Novoa
DC Media: Edison Peñafiel, Camposcuro
DC Window: Xaviera Simmons
DC Triangle: Quisqueya Henriquez & Pepe Mar
Vaughn Spann: Chapel Paintings
Lyle Ashton Harris: In these shadows
David Castillo Pop-Up
Shinique Smith: Dream Weaver
Sanford Biggers: Quadri ed Angeli
Vaughn Spann: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
New Mythologies
Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez Jimenez: Ojalá
Lines of Fracture
The Strangeness Will Wear Off
Xaviera Simmons: Sundown
In terms of collage
Wendy White: Oil Slicks
Kalup Linzy: Tangled Up
Christina Quarles: Baby, I Want Yew To Know All Tha Folks I Am
Adler Guerrier: Deployed, Conditional, and Limited Utopia
No burden as heavy
Gamaliel Rodriguez: Greetings from the Abandoned Land
Glexis Novoa: Bad Niños
Fabian Peña: The Book, the Egg, and the Fly
Pepe Mar: Excess of Sleep Produces Monsters
Shinique Smith: Spectrums
Jillian Mayer: Day Off
Susan Lee-Chun: It’s a pleasure (not) to meet you
Kate Gilmore: Love ‘em, Leave ‘em
Sanford Biggers: Matter
Xaviera Simmons: Index Seven
Robert Melee: ITS LAST MOVE
Lyle Ashton Harris: Ektachrome Archive 1986-96: Part I – Recovering Identity and Desire
Wendy White: 12th Man
José Lerma: Guaynabichean Odyssey
David Castillo Gallery Pop-up
Sanford Biggers: 3 Dollars & 6 Dimes
Metabolic Bodies
Luis Gispert: Tender Game
Xaviera Simmons: Open
Melvin Martinez: All Inclusive!
TM Sisters: Prismavolt
Shinique Smith: Kaleidoscopic
Pepe Mar: The Eye, The Vessel, and The Spell
Rafael Ferrer: Recent Work
Dark Flow Lurking
Quisqueya Henriquez: After Some Twisted Lines
Adler Guerrier: Here, Place the Lever.
Kate Gilmore: Rock, Hard, Place
Don’t Get High On Your Supply
Fabian Peña: Subliminal
Crushed Candy
Sum of the Parts
Jillian Mayer: Family Matters
Sebastian Silva: Look, Mom!
The Maginot Line
Xaviera Simmons: (Harvest): Any Number of Myths and Stories
Zoi Gaitanidou: VOID
Pepe Mar: Time Bomb
Shana Moulton: Whispering Pines 4
Illusions Lounge
Chained to a Creature of a Different Kingdom
Shelter Serra: Dark Castle
Gustavo Roman: Yet nightly pitch my moving tent
Paul Pretzer: Wild at Heart
LaToya Ruby Frazier: The Notion of Family
Javier Piñón: The Flight of Icarus
Susan Lee-Chun: Everybody Suz-ercise!
Adler Guerrier: Everyday Travails
Jackie Gendel & Tom McGrath
Tom Scicluna: Pinched
Troglodytes see better in the dark
Glexis Novoa: Old / New
Continuing Adventures of Our Heroine
Pepe Mar: Raw Sewage
Milk crown and Mushroom Cloud
Quisqueya Henriquez: A Heap of Paradise
Real Time
Monika Zarzeczna: Under these circumstances one usually loses a shoe
Andrew Guenther: Standing in water up to the shins, your foot looks at a minnow and says, “look what I have become!”
Structure & Stories
Pepe Mar: My Mirrors
Destroy this City
Searching for Love & Fire
Quisqueya Henriquez: Intertextualidad